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About Us

We are a 38 year old company that has been dealing with the export of hair and hair products to clients around the world. Now, we are furrowing into the domestic retail division through “B&H Woman” that caters to women and “B&H Man” that caters to men.

Through these retail stores we aim to give cancer survivors their confidence and self-worth by transforming their lives through exquisite hair products that can be used for everyday purposes. We also aspire to enhance every person’s beauty to get the look they deserve and desire. We are a one stop shop for all your beauty necessities and we never compromise on quality and quantity.

B&H Exports primarily focuses on hair and its value added products such as wefted hair, hair extensions, tips, wigs, RYK shampoo and conditioner.

The proprietor of the company is Mrs. Valsa Cherian, a strong and driven woman who has successfully managed to push the company to lead in the global market.

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